Our expert team are passionate about their careers and always up to date with the latest technologies.  Dewacorp deliver solutions which offer high levels of consistency along with quality and performance.

  • Well-architectured development methodology
  • Expertise in open source technologies like  AJAX, PHP / MySQL, Joomla, WordPress, etc
  • Our Microsoft technology skill sets include .NET, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, etc
  • Our mobile application expertise spans technologies like iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone

Dewacorp's technological intelligence spans several platforms, languages and databases. As an IT solutions provider, our technical skill set is always up-to-date and with one eye always on new, emerging technologies.

By it’s very nature the technology world changes frequently and is always being innovative, and evolving. With this is in mind Dewacorp adopts a strategic approach keeping abreast of the latest and in-demand technologies across the industry. We stay in tune with futuristic, next-gen innovations and trends as we constantly update ourselves on prevalent architectures and platforms.

Over the years, we have gained solid experience in various technology and business domains enabling us to offer multiple options and solutions for customers. Though our skill set covers a large spectrum of technologies, we specialise in Open Source Technologies (LAMP), Microsoft Technologies and Mobile Technologies.

Dewacorp as a quality partner Offshore Development Center (ODC) offers a program of dedicated Open Source Software Development expertise namely PHP / MySQL, Ruby on Rails (RoR), AJAX, Linux, etc with expert programmers, developers and coders for clients spread across the globe.

With our strong technology expertise, we deliver solutions that enable clients to increase the effectiveness of their IT initiatives. Our team use the most advanced and high-end techniques and computer language to develop these applications. Our services are available at cost-competitive prices to suit budgets of all sizes. Our clientele come from all industry genres and can be a large corporate or a small to medium business.  Our approach is always the same no matter what the size or type of client we engage with.

We offer following technology solutions to our clients:

  • Open Source Technologies
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Microsoft Skills
  • Systems Programming
  • RAD Tools
  • Emerging Technologies – SaaS, Cloud Computing & HTML5.0

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