We work closely with Independent software vendors (ISVs) and software service companies, offering state-of-the-art quality assurance software testing services.

Why Dewacorp?

  • We have a strong software testing delivery model that allows us to release bug-free software / applications
  • Our quality software testing services includes test plan, test cases, execution, defect reporting, defect analysis, risk assessments and recommendations
  • Our professional team of test engineers have a vast experience of software testing services

Any software life cycle Quality Assurance (QA) and testing is extremely crucial and should be implemented methodically from the earliest stage of the project. Quality assurance services have gained considerable significance in these times where outsourcing and offshoring is an established practice. The need for independent arbitrators is more pronounced and perceptible now. DewaCorp has been offering these QA services to its satisfied customers across the globe with great success.

DewaCorp has expertise and experience in various testing software and technologies. Our testing team includes experts who are proficient in manual and automated testing. Our software testing services are designed specifically to meet client’s needs. We have partnered our best practices with a structured testing methodology to deliver cost-effective, bug-free solutions using the blended delivery model. Our expert test engineers leave no stone unturned in the search for bugs that could interfere with the software or product. In fact, you can count on our refined skills and process to catch bugs earlier rather than later, saving you considerable expense.

In the development process, the test effort is planned by using different software development models. We use the methodology of Agile, by which an increased portion of the testing is directed in the hands of the developer before it reaches another team of testers. Dewacorp ensure that rigorous testing takes please to ensure a smooth operating system.

Our expert QA testing services include:

  • Software Testing
  • Embedded Testing

Request a quote today and can begin helping you empower your testing.