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Key modules:

  • Powerful Activity Stream. What sets Social Network apart from the rest is its powerful Activity Stream. While other solutions rely on a simple listing, Activity Stream take it further. Activity Stream cleverly displays each item according to its importance. Activities that are usually responded to or likes, will have a bigger display while less interesting items are shown in a compact layout. 
  • All your actions (Like and comments) on each item will of course notify the stream owner and be the sparks of social connectivity and the start of building your online community.
  • Customisable Social Profile - This is where the magic happens. Profile page in Live Community allows each community member a chance to express their identity. You may upload a profile video, change vanity URL, enable apps, update profile picture and many more!
  • 3rd Party Apps - The built in modules within Profile Page is just the beginning. Browse hundreds of available add-ons such as RSS feed, twitter updates, Google Ads and more!
  • Keep in touch with everyone - Social Network messaging is simple, straightforward and packed with powerful and useful features. You may select multiple recipients, send emails or mass messaging. In addition, you will receive notifications whenever someone sends you a message.
  • Tailored Privacy - Community manager sets default privacy settings for all members. From there, the members can individually tailor their content's privacy to suit their individual preferences.
  • Toolbar and notifications – SocialNetwork Toolbar menu is as extensive as Joomla's Menu. In fact, we use the same Joomla option to add or remove links on the toolbar. This is also the place to check new notifications, messages or friend requests.
  • Manageable Social Network - Managing Social network doesn't take much of your time. In fact, the bigger your community, the safer it will be. Crowd-sourced content reporting feature in JomSocial prevents any malicious content from being posted in your community. To make it even more convenient to you, we utilise Akismet to identify and block spam.
  • Groups. Everything you need and more - Sometimes it's more engaging to communicate in a smaller circle and create a more personal network. SocialNetwork Group allows your community to interact at a more personal level. Every group will have its own photos, videos and event sections. Plus, there is a discussion board and file sharing feature for your community.
  • Design and Usability - You know how to use SocialNetwork from the first time you try it. That’s because every design and user function is intuitive and consistent throughout the pages, mall social interactions very engaging, user-friendly, and fun.
  • It's social on its own - Having your own social network doesn't mean that you have to compete with the big boys such as Facebook. Instead, why not connect your community site with Facebook to get additional features. With Facebook Connect, community members may login using Facebook account, share status updates, invites Facebook friends and publish activities to Facebook.
  • Photo Drag and Drop multi-uploader - Upload dozens of pictures in a single action. Just drag and drop them to the upload screen and our HTML5-powered uploader will automatically queue the photos, generate the thumbnails and even let you edit the names, all within the same page. How cool is that?
  • Elegant gallery display - it comes with an amazing photo gallery. Each album is neatly displayed, coupled with interactive features such as comment and like system, photo tagging and content discovery modules. Users may browse the whole album without leaving the page. The gallery is also packed with administrative features to help you moderate the community.
  • Featured Albums - put your community's best albums under the spotlight! With a click of a button, the featured album takes the top spot, complete with gorgeous album cover, the description, photo thumbnails and location of the album. So go ahead, display the best ones and inspire the rest!
  • Beauty and functional - don't be deceived by its beautiful appearance. Under the hood, JomSocial Photo Gallery is packed with ajax preloader for an intuitive browsing experience, photo auto-orientation, rotate options and keyboard shortcut to let you browse the photos with comfort.
  • Discover new albums - explore the neatly categorised photo albums, stumble upon other related content and share them to Facebook or email. Photo Album makes it easy to explore content on your community. You may hover an album cover to take a peek of other photos, view other albums from the same user.
  • Socially Adept Photo Gallery - as it's developed by the same team, Photo Gallery inherits social discovery engine from the main social network component. If privacy setting allow, it will generate activity stream so other users can like and comment on the new photo submission. You may opt to get notification through email or on site notification.
  • Direct Upload from user computers - has a powerful video publishing suite that allows users to upload videos directly from their computers. Uploaded videos will be hosted on your own server. If needed, you may enable 3rd party processing and storage like Amazon S3.
  • Video embedding from Youtube and others - not all awesome videos have to be created but all deserve to be shared. Be a part of the hive mind of the internet by sharing the best videos from 20 video providers like YouTube, Vimeo and LiveLeak.
  • Made for powerful servers, friendly for the small ones - video publishing takes a lot of processing power, but that doesn't mean you can't use it on a shared hosting. Integrating 3rd party video processor, Zencoder and Amazon S3 to let even the smallest servers capable of hosting social network. If you prefer not to have it, you can disable the video upload feature.
  • A dose of social networking - every time a user posted a new video, a comment or reply, it will be shown on Activity Stream. Users who commented on the video or joined a group where the video is posted, may receive on-site and email notification.
  • Feature it - just like in Photo Gallery, it provides an elegant place to display featured videos. Now, the section covers the top of the video page, provides additional information and has a useful horizontal sliders for easy discovering.
  • Introducing Recurring Event - comes with powerful recurring event feature that let you create any type of recurring event within a few clicks. Maximise the full potential of your community by letting your users create events that repeat daily, weekly or monthly.
  • lexible Event Creation - has the most flexible events system in Joomla's world. You may simply create events from home (through Omnibox), go to a specified group to make an exclusive events for the group, or just go to main Events page to make a general event. Plus, you can imports events using iCal file from your computer.
  • Easy to use RSVP - measure the interest level for your events. Let your invitees easily register attendance with our RSVP system. For limited seat events, you can use this feature as a booking system. First come first serve!
  • The More, The Merrier - with our sharing system, you can share your event page with any social network and bookmarking service. There are 30 of them! Plus, if you have many friends in your social network, you can easily invite them over to your events.
  • Seat Limitations - seat limitation is a unique feature of this application. As an event manager, you can specify how many guests that you can host for your events. Your guests can book a seat with the RSVP system.
  • Event Category - if you have an event-centric community, it doesn't have to be a mess. There are lots of ways to organise all of your events. Besides putting them in a group, you can also categorize them for birthday parties, tournaments, business meetings infact any category that you want!
  • Featured Events - do you have an official event for your community? Give it a publicity boost by featuring it. It will appear on Events main page and users can easily see all the info and RSVP to the event. Featured events will appear on the main event page with additional info and attend button.
  • Export to iCal - it doesn't have to stay here. This lets others to transfer the event detail to their online calendar, Outlook and other calendar system with iCal. They will have all the necessary info when they log out from your site.
  • Print Event - Event Management is not only friendly to the people on the net.  Users can print out a map and event info to use on the road.
  • Event Calendar - easily get an overview of the incoming events in a sleek event calendar module. Your community can quickly check what's happening within the time line so they can make a proper plan when to host their events.
  • Powerful Moderation Tools - users have the freedom to set an event as a private or public event. Plus, events created in a group may only be joined by the members of the group. So you can use Event Management for a private function, or gain maximum coverage with public event.
  • Private & Public Event - notification plays an important part in social network. Event organizers will receive notifications when someone requests to join their private event. Plus, participants will get a any event update notifications.
  • Notifications - would you like to know the upcoming events around your area? Click auto-locate button in Event Search and you will get results filtered to your local area. You can also specify which city that you want to search for events.

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Here's how we use Social Media System

Dewaster is a social media site especially for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related community where people can ask questions, share blogs/wikis and access shared resources. This social media site can be used to connect and expand your network, view profiles and friends, share photos, videos, and create your own groups as well as join others.

Visit Dewaster for more detail.