We have all your E-Business needs covered.  DewaCorp Store provide e-business products getting you into the internet marketing space with creation and domain name choosing and then grows your presence with our cutting edge IT techniques and processes to get you maximum exposure. 

Domain Names

Register/Transfer Domain, Bulk Registration/Transfer, Internationalised Domain Names, Private/Deluxe/Protected Registration, Backorder Domains, Forwarding and Masking, Certified Domain, Premium DNS.

Web Hosting

Hosting Plan, Wordpress Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers, Quick Blogcast, Dedicated IP.

SSL Certificates

Standard/Premium Certificates, Code Signing Certificates.

Email Accounts

Personal/Deluxe/Unlimited Plans, Hosted Exchange Email, Online File Folder, Fax Thru Email, Email Marketing, Calendar.

Marketing Tools

Quick Shopping Cart, Logo Design Services, Search Engine Visibility, Express Email Marketing, Fax Thru Email, Quick Blogcast.


Website Tonight, Web Design Services, Quick Shopping Cart, Search Engine Visibility, Quick Blogcast.


Get into the internet marketing space today or revamp your tired website or E-business strategy in partnership with us.

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