DYOPlan Financial Planning system is a web-based financial planning application that allows the Financial Planner work competently and efficiently including client management, planning, projection and generating documents for their clients all with one easy to use software system.

The DYOPlan modules are the key components which allow this application to serve its intended purpose displaying relative, easy-to-update content on a user friendly platform.

Key DYOPlan modules:

  • Account/Security Login. The account login module provides a secure login interface for all users.
  • Fact Find / Client Management. This module enables the financial planner to collect and maintain their clients information, including income, expenses, loans, insurances, employment details, and Centre Link
  • Portfolio. This module allows financial planners to collect and maintain their client’s portfolio including increase, decrease and to reinvest their holdings.
  • Modeling. The module provides projection up to 50 years to assist the financial planner to plan for their clients.
  • Reporting. This module provides an ad-hoc report that allows the user to customised their basic reports.
  • Document Management. This module enables the financial planner to design their own documents to suit their service offering.
  • Statement Of Advice and standard templates.

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