Don’t get left behind.  Empower your business and become ahead of the trend with DewaCorp's fantastic E-Business platforms.  Our cutting edge business products ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Why Dewacorp E-Business Products?

  • Accelerate your business velocity with our enterprise grade software products & solutions.
  • Our cutting-edge products put you right in the center of e-business technology
  • DewaCorp partner with you for the long-term.  We are a trusted technology partner for e-Business
  • A unique full service provider (FSP) solutions model  brings you the very best that e-business has to offer

With ever increasing business demands and rapid market changes, there is an increasing urgency for all companies to leverage technology solutions which improve customer delivery and client cost efficiencies.

We have our own cutting-edge e-Business Products Suite for:

  • Case Management System (Data Collection Tool)
  • E-commerce storefront, CMS (Content Management System)
  • Financial Planning Software
  • Community Classifieds Application
  • E-Business solutions
  • Social Media solutions

We provide experienced expert advice, from  concept and strategy through to effective deployment and operation support with seamless execution.  DewaCorp is your reliable IT partner providing innovative products, generating value through custom solutions, architecting your online road-map and mobile application platforms whilst ensuring delivery of the highest quality. 

Our Unique Advantages

  • Unique Full Service Provider (FSP) model
  • Software Development & Creative Design under one roof
  • Client-focused solution frameworks
  • Innovative products
  • Time-to-market advantage
  • Customisation ability
  • Robust delivery mechanism
  • Quality-oriented work culture

Our Cutting-edge e-Business Products

  • ClientTrail – Case Management System / data collection tool solution
  • Social Media - Social Media (live community) solution
  • Express Email Marketing – Online email marketing solution
  • Online Storage Workspace – Cloud file storage solution
  • Quick Shopping Cart – Online store solution
  • DYOPlan - Financial planning solution
  • Search Engine Visibility - Online business promotion on Google®, Yahoo!®, and Bing® solution
  • Website Tonight – Online professional-looking website creator solution
  • Quick Blogcast - Online blog and podcast solution 
  • Fax Thru Email - Online fax solution 
  • Dewalist Community Classified - community classified solution


Contact DewaCorp today and find out which e-business platform is right for your business.