There are two frequent questions asked when it comes to social media for small business.  ‘Will it replace SEO search words?’  and  ‘Can I afford it?’ Most importantly social media will not replace SEO search words.  The different social and web platforms will always work in harmony with each other to maximize any online marketing campaign. 

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Internal IT Departments: 24/7 network monitoring, reducing IT costs and increase productivity and improving network & systems performance. 

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We have a multiple DNS servers and it seems one of DNS entry is not correct. How do I test this?

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This topic is inspired from chatting among our digital people meet-up and how they react if the company didn't deliver the service/product and this can be lead to the crisis. The interesting part is that the company published their twitter account. The people will use this as media to release their frustration. Some company will handle that crisis very well and some don't - literally no respond!!!

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A conversation is made between Aaron (4 years old) and Arki (6 years old) and they are talking about the cartoon on television. Here's the conversation.

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